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Useful Drip Email Templates and How To Use Them

Published on 04.19.2020
Updated on 08.13.2023
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What is a Drip Campaign

If you have reached this page, you likely already understand what a drip campaign is. If not, a drip campaign at its most basic level is a series of emails, a marketing method to acquire new customers. A drip campaign is a periodic email send where pre-composed, highly relevant content is automatically sent at predetermined times. Drip campaigns are an excellent way to achieve consistent growth and automate time-consuming, demanding, or delicate manual tasks which otherwise could incur mistakes by engaging these contacts and encouraging greater interactions that hopefully lead to conversions. By nature, drip emails tend to enjoy higher conversion rates for less work, the risk vs. reward scenario in economics at its finest. Who wouldn’t want to work less and earn more? A single email is never going to cut it. Most drip campaigns consist of between four and 11 emails spaced between four, seven, and 14 days apart, but some send them out every other day or once a week. 

The first email in the sequence might be a welcome email, a roundup of your best blog posts, or an article written specifically for your email list. Generously share your expertise to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Other emails in the campaign might offer discounts or other incentives, talk about product bundles, or share unique insights about your industry. It’s up to the marketer to decide how many touchpoints are necessary to nurture the audience properly and prime them for their deciding vote - the converting sale. Email drip campaigns make this easier because you’re systematically guiding each of your leads toward that end goal. Each email builds on the last, engendering trust and delight by serving up exactly the right content.

Human beings like patterns, predictability, and precision. Your leads will start to look for your emails. If you tease the next message in each email, they’ll also be less likely to send you to spam. There are numerous applications of drip campaigns from Real Estate who continuously need to sell houses to bloggers who need to find and engage new followers, free trial offers, coupons/deals/vouchers, eCommerce for cart abandonment purposes, upselling/cross-selling, joining rewards programs, or to find sponsors, speakers, and attendees when hosting events. The opportunities are endless. 

The Winning Formula - Persuasion + Attraction + Science 

“The Goal of the First Cold Email in a Drip Campaign is to Get the Second One Read. The Goal of the First Sentence in a Paragraph is to Get the Second Sentence Read”.

Typically when it comes to content or any form of written creativity, we speak of it in terms of an art form. Here we are talking more science than artistry which only makes cold email outreach that much more interesting when measured for its efficacy. Whether art or science is irrelevant, lucky for us, some smart marketers have studied these emails, content, size, sequences, etc., and have developed a set of email formulas that have been proven to work. These emails represent the best of the breed in persuasion concepts to draw individuals into the email content. They have identified what the recipient is seeing and feeling upon receipt of the mail and how the content is moving them.  The following represent the most used types of cold emails:

Type 1: Before-After-Bridge (BAB)

Before = Current situation

After = Imagine the scenario if you were able to address the challenge yourself?

Bridge = Here is how to do it

Theory: the concept behind this format is to paint a picture, create an image of the problem and what the future will look like once the problem is solved, then immediately explain how your product solves the problem. Be direct and get right to the point about the issue that your prospect is challenged with and what life would be like for them if the problem were addressed. Appeal to their desires with an offer that suits their needs. As we’ve said in earlier articles, pain is a motivating factor. It causes action. This format touches their pain point head-on to get their blood boiling, flashes images of a future free of trouble, and then immediately gives them the solution to calm their nerves. Humans are motivated by pleasure and pain. The BAB formula uses these triggers to compel readers to respond. For this format, we recommend writing a short paragraph addressing each element and add a call to action.

Example 1:

Subject Line: Quality Leads Problem

If you’re like most companies, revenue increases significantly during the second half of the year, yet most C-suite executives have trouble projecting their ROI from commission spend.
[COMPANY] compensation platform provides you a customized platform to eliminate the challenge of adjusting and measuring the comp plan for your reps while removing payment errors at the same time.
Will you lend me 15 minutes of your time to show you how we save our customers 20% in lost commissions with 15% lower turnover, 10% more sales reps meeting quota, and 38% faster cycles?
What can I do to earn your ear to show you how we deliver for companies in your industry by leveraging the comp plan to better drive strategy?

Example 2: 

Subject line: Gently Knocking

Knowing a good lead from a bad one is no easy feat. Phony lists, invalid emails, high bounce rates, generic email addresses slowing your growth?
Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your leads would be scrubbed and in ready format when you intend to hit the send button? 
Look no further, [COMPANY] has created an efficient and effective lead-gen tracking and verification system that is easy to use and faster to implement. We have developed an easy solution to this pandemic problem that plagues so many small businesses, a way to scrub your email lists and verify the email the moment it’s received.
Do you have 15 minutes on Tuesday at 3:00 for a short demo that will have you on your way to saving time and resources and improving your lead gen efforts instantly? 

Type 2: Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS)

Problem = Identify issue

Agitate = Agitate the issue

Solve = Offer a solution to the issue

Theory: Instead of masking the issue and pretending it doesn’t exist, you lay out the solution from start to end with your product as the catalyst for change. Again, because pain is a motivating factor, if you take them from that place of stress through to the solution, they will buy in because nature dictates that people want to avoid unnecessary stress however and wherever possible. While similar to the BAB formula that paints a rosy picture free from the issue, PAS seeks to irritate and agitate the situation, as in pore salt in the wounds. Once you really agitate the situation, you then flip the script and swoop in on your magic cape and save the day with just the solution they need. Can you say hero alert!!!

Example 1:

Subject Line: Been there, have a solution

I saw your ad for a new Business Development director to help you build a database of qualified leads. 
Finding the right person with the right skill set is a challenge in today’s environment. We, too, had the same need and weren’t able to find just the right person to satisfy all the job description criteria. So instead we went out and built a system to help satisfy this need.
Our product seamlessly integrates with many of the publicly available systems such as Salesforce and Hunter.io and has you building a useful, relevant new database that syncs leads in an instant. 

What does this mean for you?

-Reduced human resources

-Minimized manual entries

-Increased meeting bookings by 15%

-Higher close rates under faster timelines

-Increased sales force productivity by 30%

Would you be free for a 10-minute call tomorrow 11 am or Friday at 2pm?

Example 2:

Subject Line: Pain Points steadily increasing? 


As a fairly new business, you’re likely struggling with the lead generation process and finding the right people at the right organization with the right email to contact. I’d bet less than 10% of the time do you reach the right person on the first try. I know this feeling well because I was there too. You spent a pretty penny on an email list system only to realize that most of what you purchased is useless and that you spend more time dialing for dollars anyway.
[COMPANY] can help ease your frustrations. [COMPANY] was founded to address this exact need in an efficient and effective, reliable way to generate quality leads, verify them, and then track them. 
All it takes is a 15-minute call to get started, and we can have you up and running by the day’s end. Our system is easy to integrate and even easier to use. 

Type 3: But You Are Free (BYAF)

Theory: This is among the most effective of all persuasion techniques known to man. You put forth a request and then follow with “but you are free” to do whatever you’d like. This technique works so well because human nature has demonstrated that if you give a person a way out, instead of pushing them out, it in fact doubles the likelihood they will take the opportunity to say yes. This persuasion tactic has been studied and proven in more than 42 studies with over 22,000 test subjects.

Example 1:

Subject Line: 10 minutes to chat? If not, no worries. 

I’ll be brief as I value your time. We are an early-stage tech startup trying to build a universally lead gen database. Our goal is to make it relevant and attractive to others like ourselves and are trying to get some industry veterans to share their experience, successes,
and challenges with productivity to address some of the potential pitfalls now vs. later. 
We will gladly give credit where credit is due but were reluctant to share our findings without notifying you first. The credibility of your brand will carry great leverage with our audience. Would you mind if we endorse your company in the future?
Similarly, would you share our article below with your community? We will be sure to reciprocate in the future by retweeting and endorsing your posts as well. 
If this is too big an ask, I completely understand. You are free to pass. Thank you for your time this far! 
With gratitude, 

Example 2: 

Subject Line: Thank you for your leadership

Apologies for the unsolicited email, but I was hoping for a minute of your time. Leaders of your caliber are few and far between in our industry. 
I am the Founder of a multi-channel digital agency as I saw an opportunity to do something different in this very noisy and overcrowded sector. We have done some exceptional work and have won the loyalty of some great clients. 
We double revenue each year from existing clients, and we don’t have to add a single new client. How? Due to our extensive and practical set of services. New business is the icing on the cake. 
I was hoping for a few minutes of your time to run some ideas by you. But you are free to pass on meeting me if you’re too busy, I completely understand. Thank you for your time anyway.
Yours truly,

Type 4: Attention - Interest - Desire - Action (AIDA)

Attention = capture recipients attention

Interest = personalize in order to engage them

Desire = elicit desire for offering

Action = Request a response

Theory: This type of cold email is effective because it starts with grabbing the reader and pulling them by asking a question of relevance to them, essentially drawing on their personal interest by offering a metric on why they should pay attention. This form then includes the popular “fear of loss” tactic, which only increases one’s desire for something when one believes one might miss out. And, then they are provided a clear direction on what to do next. This format is popular due to its personal and centered on the recipient. It appears more personal notes from a friend than a professional email. Capture their attention, appeal to their interest by highlighting their pain point, showcase all the features, benefits, and value you offer, then seize the moment by asking for the action you are seeking.

Example 1:

Subject Line: [FIRST-NAME], your thoughts on this? 

Would it come as a surprise that by outsourcing all your digital projects you can save more than $60,000 each year in IT, advertising, and marketing costs? When have you heard of a scenario where outsourcing becomes a profit center? You’ll be rendered a hero for such an achievement!
Companies just like [COMPANY-NAME] are outperforming budget expectations by delegating their digital projects to [AGENCY]. Due to the efficiencies achieved by [AGENCY]’s favorable pricing model, you actually eliminate up to 90% of the associated burdens of managing these activities internally by outsourcing to an agency. 
We have also generated over 300% growth in annual revenue from new business development efforts in addition to cost savings.
Do you have 15-20 minutes available on Thursday? I’d love to walk you through a step-by-step plan to show you how we can achieve similar growth for [COMPANY-NAME] within a reasonable timeframe.
Thank you

Example 2: 

Subject Line: Save Time. Get Leads.

Would you be willing to give me 15 minutes of your time if I told you that I could save your company 15% - 20% a month in marketing spend, advertising dollars, and resources while simultaneously increasing ROI?
By hiring [AGENCY] as your digital partner, you can easily save that and more. And, if that weren’t enough, to sweeten the pot, not only have we generated more than 300% in revenue growth for each client annually, but also, simultaneously, we’ve eliminated 90% of the associated cost burdens of managing these efforts internally.  Our specialized marketing techniques don’t work for those companies that don’t truly invest in the fundamentals. You will need to commit and be ready. 
Do you have some time on Thursday for me to walk you through a step-by-step plan of your new path to profitability? 
Please let me know what time works for you.
Thank you,

Type 5: Brevity - Blunt - Basic

Brevity = Keep it short

Blunt = Keep it brief

Basic = Keep it simple

This form of cold email quite literally keeps things short, sweet, and to the point. You provide the reader a snapshot of who you are and what you want. That’s it, that’s all. This format is not the place for rhetoric or cleverness; it simply means get to the point. This is not the place for stories or jokes; those apply to other forms of writing. Email dictates that you quickly state why you are writing and what it means for them. Time and again, studies have demonstrated that the shorter the email, the faster the response. If you give the recipient too much to think about you, it becomes another assignment for their checklist to do someday instead of helping them get to “yes” now and committing to you.

Example 1:  

Subject Line: Gently Knocking

I found your contact details from [SOURCE}. I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll be brief.
We’re a multidisciplinary digital agency that creates high-quality digital products for clients. We create award-winning websites from scratch and promote them organically. Our customized processes are cost-effective, resource-efficient, and generate the highest ROIs. Measured against any KPI, our results blow through the roof. 
Would you be available for a short call this week so I can tell you more about how we can do this for [COMPANY]? Let me know if Wednesday or Thursday works at 3 pm?
Thank you,

Example 2:

Subject Line: Qualified solution you need

Hello [FIRST-NAME], 
We’ve created a customized digital campaign process that delivers 15% - 20% ROI for each of our clients. Can we chat on Wednesday at 11:00 am so I can tell you about the opportunity? Given the intensity of resources, we are limited with how many clients we can take on. We are nearing that limit now and would hate for you to miss out on the opportunity? 
Thank you,

Type 6: Awareness - Comprehension - Conviction - Action (ACCA)

Awareness = Present the situation or problem.

Comprehension = Explain how the issue will affect them.

Conviction = Be persuasive about how your solution addresses the problem

Action = Request a definitive response

Theory: This format speaks to the importance of ensuring the issue is presented crystal clearly, stated definitively, and then confirms with absolute certainty that your solution is the best solution for them. Finally, as part of this type, you request an action from the recipient with absolute certainty. It is the most forthright of all the cold email types.

Example 1: 

Subject Line: Not easy finding relevant leads

I hope you are available to speak on Wednesday to hear about the definitive solution my firm has created to address the challenges you are experiencing with securing a steady stream of new leads.
We understand the issues; we have been there ourselves, which is why we invested in finding a universal solution for all businesses in our position.  It’s not easy to find a reliable partner to support these efforts but consider that solved. 
Focused. Productive. Efficient. Reliable. These are just a few of the results when you don’t have to waste valuable time on tasks beyond your work scope. When we assume responsibility for your lead generation efforts, you can focus on your core business, knowing that new, relevant, and high-quality prospects are yours for the taking.  
What time works on Wednesday?
I look forward to delivering on your behalf. 

Example 2: . 

Subject Line: Stop the proverbial rabbit hole cycle

If you’re like most companies, you know the frustration of wasting resources on unqualified and unresponsive leads. We knew that feeling all too well and went ahead and created a solution that empowers sales professionals to foster sustainable connections and make suitable business decisions. Our succinct system provides a comprehensive digital suite of tools designed to maximize performance in a world of short attention spans. 
If you can spare 15 minutes, I can present an actionable plan to help [COMPANY-NAME] achieve its desired growth in [CURRENT-YEAR]. 
What’s the best way to earn your ear next week?
You’ll be doing yourself a great service by hearing me out.
Thank you,

Type 7: Star - Chain - Hook (SCH)

Star = The big idea

Chain = A series of facts, sources, reasons, and benefits

Hook = The call to action

Theory: Start with a big idea, a real headline that will stop them in their tracks. Follow the headline with the supporting facts, proof points, defend your case for why they need to listen clearly. Take your big idea and translate it into an interesting business case. And finally, seize the moment and hook them with an offer they can’t refuse with the path of least resistance to get started without difficulty. Make sure you offer up proof points in the chain that lend credibility to your argument; you’ll have a better shot at convincing someone they must follow through. This type was created as an advertising caption that introduces the start of the show (your product or service), provides supporting evidence, facts, benefits of how the star will make their life better, and then pounce with a strong CTA.

Example 1

Subject Line: Ready for a Free Trial?


Would you agree that [AGENCY] wouldn’t be nominated for so many awards if we weren’t doing something right? The reason for the recent notoriety is due to our customized technique that has generated ROIs that we’ve had clients call “marketing magic.”  

We decided to share our simple formula on a larger scale. As such, we currently have a rare opportunity for [COMPANY] to join our pilot program in the [INDUSTRY]. [AGENCY] offers clients services throughout the entire marketing ecosystem, and this unusual program will include some combination of the following elements to be determined following our initial strategic assessment.

  • Design, develop and host websites.
  • SEO paid and organic search.
  • Lead generation / Funnel strategies.
  • Social media management.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content development.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Brand identity.

Can I call you on Thursday at 3:30  to fill you in on how the program works?

Thank you,

Example 2:

Subject Line: An improved solution

Good Afternoon [FIRST-NAME],
Small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, government entities, and nonprofit organizations all have one thing in common. 
They save a whole lot of time and money by using [SERVICE]. 
Check out some of our [case-studies link] to see how [SERVICE] can help streamline document generation and reporting for [COMPANY]. There’s no obligation to subscribe, and free technical support is included during your trial. 
If you have any questions about how to get started, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Type 8: Star - Story - Solution (SSS)

Star — The main character in your email. It could be you, your prospect, a product, etc.

Story — Talks about how the star faces the same problem your market does.

Solution — An explanation of how the star wins in the end.

Theory: Life is a series of stories, both those we experience in the physical world and the others we live out in our heads. Think about when you read a book or watch a film, don’t you almost feel like you are there, living out the scene in your mind? There is physiological evidence to prove that our brains don’t know the difference between reading and real life. When used in email, stories help readers draw a parallel between the idea you are presenting. You’re essentially giving them the tools they need to connect the dots. Humans connect to stories far better than demands. It is unnecessary to create drama behind this messaging, just enough to stir your prospect’s feelings enough so that they take action.

Example 1: 

Subject Line: Something of Interest - Superstardom at stake


I’m fortunate that I represent a product that has the ability to attract and persuade some of the most influential and powerful high-profile minds in the world. These personalities then share my product’s story on their social channels, in the media, and with their equally high-profile friends. It’s fun to see celebrities working and earning for you! 

This is quite literally a product that sells itself. Once you see how it works, you’ll wonder where it has been all your life as you’ll enjoy the same benefits. Would you believe me if I told you it gets even better? Well, it gets even better. There is a referral program for each one you sell!! (I’ll be expecting my fee 14 days from now.)


All jokes aside, I believe in the product, this mission we are on to get the product into the hands of as many people as possible, including you.

Example 2:

Subject Line:  You’ll Thank Me Later


Similar to you, our company is young and still finding its footing in terms of staffing. I’m sure you would agree that having to dedicate so much budget to recruiting staff and clients is a tough pill to swallow. 

Fortunately, we had the tools and skills to create our own destiny with a solution that performs essential functions seamlessly and saves time, money, and resources. As a result, we are a virtual one-stop-shop for all product services for the full suite of email solutions, lead gen, scrubbing, authorizing/verification, drip campaigns, scheduled follow-ups, and just about anything else you might need. 

I’m going out on a limb and assuming that a solution like ours would be useful to you as well. Would you like a demo next Friday at 1:30 pm?  

Waiting on your favorable response,

Thank you,

Type 9: Reader’s Digest Model (RDM)

Theory: The Reader’s Digest Model was developed based on the concept of getting to the point quickly. Legendary copywriter John Caples coined this famous theory in 1961 following a review of what makes Reader’s Digest articles successful. He identified the following as the secret sauce for engaging readers to the content quickly and aggressively. The pattern he found was that the most engaging articles all included the same characteristics such as:

  • Fact packed
  • Concise
  • Specific 
  • Contain few adjectives
  • Arouse curiosity

Caples found that, more often than not, a compelling introduction was the catalyst for whether a cold email received a reply or ended up in the trash.

Example 1:

Subject Line: Looks like we have something in common


Long story short, I value your time and respect your expertise.

Finding a digit-”ALLY” focused marketing agency that understands the fundamentals of website design and development combined with the expertise to raise visibility, generate traffic, and optimize conversions is no easy feat. If you are like most, you’re likely already thinking, here is more SPAM from another marketing guy. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong, but what do you have to lose? You’ve already read this far?

  1. [COMPANY] and [AGENCY] are strategically aligned and own our core space. 
  2. We have the same goals, seeking the same rates of growth without compromising quality output
  3. Our craft starts and ends with delivering client value and sustainable growth
  4. We strive for perfection, but accept 99.9% as we understand humans are not infallible
  5. Like you, we are thorough, detailed and accept nothing less than complete client satisfaction.

Can you talk on Tuesday at 2:00 ET to explore how we can work together?

Thank you,

Example 2:

Subject Line: Strategic Synergies


If you’re like me, then your inbox is probably flooded more often than not. I’ll keep this short.

Would you hear me out if I told you we could change your entire digital presence around in under 12 months? If you’re wondering how, give me 15 minutes of your time, and I’ll share with you perhaps the most intriguing of all digital strategies currently infiltrating your industry.

The firm I founded, [AGENCY], specializes in helping marketing leaders such as yourself increase revenue through new customer acquisition and existing customer growth. We do this by establishing a new foundation with the latest techniques and technologies for your business and then layer a full suite of complementary marketing tactics to force an exponential increase in your visibility, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization. 

Interested in hearing more? Make time for me on Monday at 3:00 pm ET, you’ll be glad you did!

Thank you,

Type 10: Praise - Picture - Picture (PPP)

Praise = Commence with a flattering, respectful compliment

Picture = Illustrate the cause and effect of how your product will solve their problem

Push = Request their commitment

Theory: Like earlier models, this one is also deeply rooted in psychological factors in the brain where a social reward is predicated on the compliment. Additionally, when presented with a cause and effect scenario, more trust is built as greater weight is placed on the argument. Please provide an explanation but do not give all details; leave them hanging a bit to encourage them to do their own research and discovery, which will undisputedly have them intrigued to look for more. Being nice to someone, even a stranger, will release dopamine in their brain and improve their mood. You will be credited with this improved mood and win the brownie points for it. Who cares how you win as long as you win! The best way to use this model is to open by praising the recipient. Please don’t go overboard, but enough to make them feel good. Once you improve their demeanor, serve them the cause and effect modality about how your product will solve their problem. Then close by asking them for their business more formally.

Example 1:

Subject Line: May I call on your expertise? 


It was recently suggested I look into the [INDUSTRY] industry as a source of new business. 

Given your stellar reputation, you likely receive a steady stream of referrals. Clients are banging down your doors while we receive leftovers who come battered and bruised to ours following poor experiences with other firms. We can turn these unfortunate encounters around with an affordable, results-driven process that translates into high ROI. In particular, we have a solution for generating leads from LinkedIn that is working wonders for our clients. 

Our success metric lies in striking a balance between native and paid ads. We recently created a blog series explaining our approach. This is where you come in. 

Would you mind sharing our piece with your network? (link below) The credibility you bring to the table is without parallel. Second, I’d love to meet with you in person to see if I can garner some insight into the secret to your success. Perhaps you could walk me through the primary pain points professionals in your industry suffer from that I can address with our lead gen solution?

I realize this is a tremendous ask from a stranger, but I’m so impressed with your success; I’m sort of forcing my way into your calendar without even asking!

Have I overstepped my boundaries? 

Thank you for your time,

Example 2:

Subject Line: something of interest? 


From the entire [AGENCY] team, we wish you much “Cudos” (our spelling) on your recent success. Whether you notice it or not, people are following your career and do notice your successes. I make sure my team identifies interesting people to follow and emulate their best practices, and you are on the list. 

I had a thought.  I was curious if you would come to talk to our team, teach us some of the nuances about your industry, its pain points, critical success factors, and the like. Perhaps you could also share some of the tricks of the trade and tools on how to best identify and reach your peers. We think our LinkedIn lead generation technique is ripe for companies in your industry and would welcome any insight you could provide. 

If you can’t make it to our office, we can do a webinar and link in our team worldwide. Can I call you on Monday to schedule? 

Appreciate you hearing me out each time.

Thank you,

Type 11: General

Theory: The General format basically speaks for itself. You might use this format as your welcome email or introductory email.  Here you would explain how you got their contact information and how/why you relate to them, i.e., spoke to a mutual colleague who thought there might be some synergies and saw your company online in a complementary article, etc.  This is the only format that really leaves a little to the imagination regarding it being an open topic theme. Think of the general type as your opener.

Example 1: 

Subject Line: Curious about [AGENCY]?


My name is [AGENT-NAME]. I own and operate a full-service, [STATE]-based marketing agency called [AGENCY]. While searching for [BUSINESS CATEGORY], I found [COMPANY] on [SOURCE]. I instantly fell in love with what you guys are doing! So I thought I’d send you a quick email. 

We have a product that might complement your new effort extraordinarily well. Do you have time on Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 for 15 minutes for me to tell you more about it? 

Looking forward to chatting, this could present a game changer for both of us. 


Example 2:

Subject Line: C-implifying Change


I hope this email finds you well! I recently spoke to a mutual colleague, [name of the person who introduced] who suggested I reach out to set up some time for us to chat. According to [NAME OF PERSON WHO INTODUCED] we have a similar effort underway that may present some growth opportunities for each of our firms to capitalize in a meaningful way. Apparently, there are some potentially rewarding synergies for us to enhance our respective client bases.

Do you have time on Monday to speak? I can call you at 1:30 if you are free?

Best Regards,

Type 12: Question, Value Proposition, Call To Action (QVC)

Question: When starting with a question, there is no need to use a formal introduction. The question allows you to get straight to the point and hone in on a specific offer directly related to the receiver’s issue that you intend to assist them with. 

Value Proposition: Distinguish and differentiate your core messages 

Call To Action: Command a response in a bold and confident manner. 

Theory: When drafting cold emails, never underestimate the power of a question. Starting your email with a question captures the recipient’s attention immediately. The QVC formula helps keep your cold email between three and five sentences which can be complex if you are not familiar with mastering the use of questions. Like the BBB format, QVC is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Scrutinize your every word and go for conciseness. QVC is among the most effective of the cold email formats as you engage the prospect quickly. While strong and commanding, try to strike a balance with warm, relaxed, and friendly recommendations. More relaxed, less desperation for attention. 

Example 1:

Subject Line: . It’s All About Efficiency


Do you ever wish there was an easy way to save emails from websites?

[AGENCY] created a Chrome extension that makes saving emails from websites, social networks and search results not just possible, but super-efficient. 

If you want to find a solution to your lead generation troubles and make collecting emails easy, give [AGENCY] a chance by responding directly to this email or check out all the platform-tools [LINK]. 

Example 2

Subject Line: Can we get together to discuss mutual opportunities?


I’m on your website and noticed your agency offers a variety of services to help increase web traffic. Having said that, what are you doing to help convert that traffic once it arrives?

I’m reaching out because [AGENCY] has been partnering with agencies like yours for over 10 years. We provide a 24/7 staffed live chat service (real humans, not bots), and our role is simple — convert more of your clients’ existing web traffic into qualified prospects.

We offer a [LINK ‘fully white-labeled solution] for marketing agencies like yours. Our service will increase your clients’ conversion rates, show them a better ROI, and create added stickiness with your agency.

If you’re interested in learning more, please [LINK ‘click here’] to schedule a call with me.

Best Regards,

Type 13: Urgency

Theory: This format is designed to immediately capture attention and garner response for a valid, authentic reason. Do not use this format as a ploy to intrude on someone’s privacy. It is to be used for a genuine urgent issue. Naturally, expecting someone to react instantly to an email is a long-shot, so you must choose your words wisely. It is also important that you don’t take advantage of this email format as you never want to appear as the boy who cried wolf. Never overuse this type, only when necessary. Use this format when time is of the essence and get right to the point to show the recipient that you are not simply soliciting for a sales purpose but rather that you have a genuinely urgent issue to discuss with them. Use the urgent entry as the bridge to other likely opportunities with a partner.

Example 1: 

Subject Line: The last bastion of quality marketing agencies


I’ll get straight to the point as I value your time. Here are the 4 key points:

  1. I contacted you directly in this informal manner as I believe you have a sense of urgency in addressing your online marketing. We are limited in that we can only work on a few projects simultaneously, so the urgency is mutual. 
  2. We strive for perfection in every aspect of our work, but given that we are only human, we deliver 99.9%. Had I contacted you at the beginning of 2019 and commenced our collaboration, we would have very tangible results by now - speaking in terms of marketing foundation, website performance and creative auditing, SEO basics, etc. (this brings me back to the urgency pointed out in #1.)
  3. If we started promoting your business last year, we would be observing  organic growth by now (assuming #2 is done properly and, again, related to the main point in #1.) 
  4. We are experts in turning negative experiences around. If you have doubts about digital agencies such as ours, I accept that as a challenge and ensure an outstanding experience working with our team. The confidence will build gradually, but the clarity of our processes will be apparent from minute one. 

Thank you,

Example 2:

Subject Line: A cut above - [AGENCY], a client-centric agency

Hi [first-name].

Pardon the intrusion. I value your time so I’ll get to the point. 

I took a chance to contact you directly, but I wanted to bring this to your attention as a matter of urgency. [COMPANY] can benefit from [AGENCY]’s unique approach to client service; we are a cut above the others. Between the depth of our digital expertise, emphasis on client concentricity, and breadth of quantifiable performance metrics on behalf of clients, we are a diamond in the rough. I wanted you to at least have the opportunity to hear me out.

As an executive myself, I feel your pain regarding optimizing your online marketing efforts in an environment full of smoke and mirrors. I founded [AGENCY] to provide clients a level of quality never seen before in digital marketing. Each client is assigned a fully staffed service team of subject matter experts. Our typical ratio is 8:1 (8 team members to each 1 client). We have flipped the digital marketing world on its head by creating an agency focused entirely on quality. As a result, we work with fewer clients on a far more exclusive basis, driving greater results. 

Having seen the [COMPANY] site and done some research into your business, I believe we can be of great service in helping raise your conversion opportunities, explore new potential audiences, and enhance the performance of your KPIs related to your online marketing initiatives. 

Do you have time for a short call on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 pm?

Yours Truly,

Type 14: Local 

Theory: The local email is for a prospect in your town or region with whom you can leverage location as the inroad. You want to use the neighborly perspective to reach this person as most people are proud to invest in their local communities to make friends because kids are in the same schools. You will likely run into this person outside of the professional area. You will want to use the location as the reason for the relationship with this new contact. Sometimes just knowing a potential colleague is just down the street is enough to warm up to a conversation and greater interest in a relationship. 

Example 1 

Subject Line: Welcome - can we help you get acclimated?


Can I trouble you for a few minutes of your time for a quick call to introduce you to my firm to explore any mutually beneficial projects for which we can both take advantage? 

By way of a brief intro about my firm…[AGENCY] is a full-service digital marketing agency. We build a digital presence for companies of all shapes and sizes and promote products and services of a wide variety. We specialize in creating brand personas and developing narratives that generate high-quality leads and new business opportunities. Our sweet spot hones in a unique strategy for each client using the latest techniques and technologies to enhance our client’s brand, ultimately translating into higher conversion and revenue productivity. Using our client-centric approach, we combine innovative technology with masterful story-telling and beautiful design to create a win-win-win scenario for internet success.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of our clients  [CLIENT1], [CLIENT2] or perhaps [CLIENT3]? If not, I’d welcome an opportunity to showcase some of the great work we’ve done to see if we can pursue a similar relationship with your company. 

Offering most marketing solutions you can likely think of (and probably a few that you haven’t), perhaps we can help introduce you to other business opportunities in our local community. We’d love to help support you in raising your visibility to make sure you hit the ground running as a new success story and neighbor of ours. 


Type 14a: The Neighborhood Technique

Theory: This technique may be used when you plan on visiting the city where a prospect is based, and you’d like to request an in-person meeting. In-person meetings are always beneficial when you can look someone in the eye and gauge what they are thinking about, facial expressions, etc. In-person meetings tend to materialize into revenue much faster. When compiling contact information for your prospects, it’s always helpful to capture addresses to leverage opportunities when you are traveling through or have other meetings in the area. When you offer to come to a prospect, it is much harder for them to say no as there is nothing required of them to do with then make the time available. 

Subject Line: Meet-up in town next Tuesday for coffee?


I’m going to be in [CITY] next Tuesday for a meeting and have a few hours of downtime. 

Do you have 30 minutes to connect for a cup of coffee? 

If you aren’t able to get out for coffee, I hear your offices are pretty cool! It would be great to finally meet in person. 


Type 14b: Local (New To Town)

Theory: This type falls under the local model, but instead of just recognizing a prospect for being in the same locale, it identifies them as a new member of the community by which you can welcome them to town and invite them to connect as people remember a warm introduction and value people who provide the experience. People don’t remember what you say, but they always remember how you made them feel. A prospect will always remember your warm welcome and think of you next time they need your product or service.  

Subject Line: Welcome to Our Rewarding Business Community


May I be the first to welcome you to the community! In setting up shop here, you’re planting roots in a strong business community that provides mutually rewarding opportunities for the entire neighborhood. We are a close-knit group that supports each other in growing our respective businesses.

Can I stop by for a few minutes to learn more about your business and see how I can help you get acclimated to the area?

My firm, [AGENCY], is a full-service digital marketing agency. By nature of our business, I take it upon myself to represent the local market in welcoming new neighbors to town. I can tell you more about the local resources available and who specializes in what services in case you have a need as you settle in. I do this because I’ve found over the years that when companies move to a new location, they often like to refresh their brand or website to raise visibility and awareness of their new home. Naturally, this is where [AGENCY] comes in.

Are you available on Thursday at 2:00 pm? I’d love to show you some of the work we’ve done for clients, including [CLIENT1], [CLIENT2], and [CLIENT3]?

Looking forward to a mutually rewarding partnership,

Type 15: Right Person 

Theory: The Right Person format should be used when you are fairly certain that the company you are targeting can use your product/service, but you don’t know who the appropriate person is. Similarly, each company is different, and some might use your product from the sales department. In contrast, others may have a need in the marketing department, so you start by making an educated guess by inquiring about the exact name of the person who would be the ultimate decision-maker. You might also use this type if you happen to know the name of someone at the company in a different department. Hence, you have a warm entrance into the company, and you want to use this known person to get the appropriate person’s contact information in another department. Where possible, you want to try and avoid sending emails to general inboxes such as info@myco.com or support@myco.com. You will always be best served by sending your message to the actual person, whether the contact is correct or not.


Example 1: 

Subject Line Options: Just One Spot Left - Yours For The Taking?


My name is [AGENT-NAME] and I’m the [TITLE] of [AGENCY], a full-service digital agency.  

I was referred to you by someone in the industry who thought there might be some synergies for us to work together. If I’ve reached you in error, would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

This colleague thought about a mutually beneficial partnership because we have direct experience with clients in your industry. We seem to have found a recipe for success in your sector. We understand your pain points and how to turn them around. The struggle is real. My firm can help; I’ve bet my career on it. 

We specialize in building high-quality marketing assets for companies similar to yours and have a keen ability to create successful strategies for putting a solid foundation in place. We then raise visibility and generate new leads that convert. We employ flawless tactical execution and develop a set of tools that enhance ROI.  

Can I borrow 15 minutes of your time to tell you about the strategy we have already conceptualized for you?

Thank you,

Example 2: 

Subject Line: [FIRST-NAME], this is the sales pitch for enhancing ROI?


I’m emailing you today because I see an opportunity for my agency, [AGENCY], to help you tell a new brand story, raise your visibility and ultimately translate these into higher conversions from your target audience.

From my research online, it appears that you are the appropriate person to have this conversation with. If I’ve reached you in error, could you please redirect me?

By way of some background, my name is [AGENT-NAME], and I’m the [TITLE] of [AGENCY], a full-service digital marketing agency, one of an unusual breed. I hope you’ll excuse my direct approach, but I tend to get a bit overzealous when I see a mutually rewarding opportunity.

Using a unique approach, we combine innovative technology with masterful story-telling and magnificent design to create a win-win scenario for our clients. Our technique has created some of the most unusual web showplaces that exceed the client’s expectations and produce outstanding ROIs. We want to do the same for [COMPANY].

Do you have 15 minutes for me so that I can walk you through our approach and explain what we can do for [COMPANY]?

I appreciate your time in advance.

Thank you, 

Example 3

Subject Line: Sale Pitch, yes. Waste of time, no.


My name is [AGENT-NAME], and I head up business development efforts with [AGENCY]. We recently launched a new platform that [ONE SENTENCE PITCH].

I’d like to speak with someone from [COMPANY] who is responsible for [HANDLING SOMETHING THAT’S RELEVANT TO MY PRODUCT].

If that’s you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on [TIME AND DATE] to discuss ways the [AGENCY] platform can specifically help your business? If not, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help!


Example 4

Subject Line: Can we help you exceed your target KPIs?


My name is [AGENT-NAME], and I’m [TITLE] at [AGENCY]. We are currently offering [DESCRIBE PRODUCT/SERVICE].

This is just an educated stab in the dark, but you seem to be the right person to connect with based on your online profile. Or, if not, maybe you can point me in the right direction?

I’d appreciate the help!

Example 5

Subject Line: [COMPANY] + [AGENCY] = Higher ROI


My name is [AGENT-NAME] and I’m with [AGENCY]. We work with organizations like [COMPANY] to [ONE-SENTENCE PITCH].


Could you direct me to the right person to talk to about this at [COMPANY] so we can explore if this would be something valuable to incorporate into your events?


Example 6

Subject Line: Can you point me in the right direction?


I’m sorry to trouble you. Would you be so kind as to tell me who is responsible for [INSERT YOUR BIGGEST PAIN POINT HERE THAT RESONATES WITH YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER; OR INSERT FUNCTIONS LIKE “SALES” OR “RECRUITING”] and how I might get in touch with them?

Thank you,

Type 15a: Appropriate person

Subject Line: Appropriate Person? 


I’m writing to follow-up on my email. I didn’t hear back from anyone on the team. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks. 

If not you, who is the appropriate person for me to talk to? 

Thanks for your help,

Type 16: Competitor/Tech

Theory: This type would be used when you know the prospect is using the technology of one of your peers and you would like to solicit an opportunity to showcase your products in the hopes they will migrate to your offering instead. This is tricky because you never want to speak badly about any other company and be perceived as unprofessional, so you must choose your words carefully in portraying your products as superior and worthwhile for the prospect to at least have a first look at. Essentially this type should be used when you have some insight into the prospects tools or technology being used.

Example 1: 

Subject Line Options: Just 15 minutes to change….everything!?!


I’ve had my eye on your website for a while now, and it just came to my attention that you are using [COMPETITOR/TECHNOLOGY] for your web development and digital marketing efforts. Please allow me the opportunity to show you a new approach, one that will undeniably knock your socks off.

You have no reason to trust me, but I guarantee you the best 15 minutes you’ll spend this week is to hear how my firm can turn your digital marketing activities on its head. [AGENCY] is a full-service digital agency, building world-class websites from concept through development. Then, we take these digital masterpieces and use them as a platform for creating a brand presence, tell a new company narrative and deliver the new face of your company to the world. Our techniques, combined with superior technology, unprecedented strategic thinking, and unparalleled tactical execution, will deliver an ROI as you’ve never seen before. 

If it’s not the best 15 minutes you’ve spent this month, I’ll give you $15 for your time. Do we have a deal? Challenge me to deliver. 

Thank you for considering [AGENCY]. I hope to hear from you.

Example 2

Subject Line: De-LIVE-R


Do us both a favor and don’t dismiss this message. It’s time to demand what you are deserving of….delivery. Delivery of results. Delivery of determination and devotion, you will discover that the skills and deliverables are disturbing. Don’t discount quality, attention to detail, and discipline. Despite the differentiating credentials, many agencies cannot be depended upon. 

Are you asking yourself who this guy is and what his fascination with the letter “D”? If so, then this message has done its job. 

We design with detail, develop while diagnosing, distribute your message, deepen your brand recognition, define your messaging, differentiate you from others in your space. We are decorated as individuals and a firm dedicated to making sure you dazzle. We delight our clients with the results we deliver. 

Demand what you Deserve from your agency. Devote 15 minutes to allow me to show you how we Devise thought-provoking strategies for our clients. 

Don’t Deliberate any longer, Decide we are the firm for you! At least give us an opportunity to Demonstrate our value?

Example 3

Subject Line: Demand what you deserve


Just ran across your website and noticed you were using [COMPETITOR-SERVICE]

How are you liking it?

I run an email service provider called [SERVICE]. It’s just like [COMPETITOR-SERVICE] , only [ONE PRIMARY ADVANTAGE]. 

If you’re up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could make [SERVICE] better (and see if it would make sense for us to work together). 

Would Tuesday at 10am be a good time for you?

(if not, I’m flexible, just let me know.)


Type 16a: Niche Tech 

Theory: The Niche Tech type email is closely related to the competitor tech version as the email’s premise is the same only; instead of the technology being from a competitor, it is a highly specialized product that meets a specific need. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Niche Product You Want to See


I’m a co-founder at [AGENCY]; we’re a startup developing a new technology to debug large-scale production environments. We’ve decided to put it on Scala. ‘[SERVICE] for Scala’ automatically detects and shows developers which variables values, threads, and functions led to an exception in staging and production - [LINK]

When we designed [SERVICE], we had companies like [COMPANY] in mind (yep, I’m sure we’re not the first ones) - large-scale 24/7 production and lot in Beta these days and working with [CLIENT1], [CLIENT2], and others.

I ran into some of your [PROJECTS ON SOURCE] and thought you might be a good contact point at [COMPANY] and will find [SERVICE] interesting. 

I’ll be visiting the [AREA] this month (from the week of the [DATE]) and will be very happy to meet up and see if you’d like to take [SERVICE] for a spin. 


Type 17: Direct and Short Approach

Theory: As the name suggests, the concept behind this approach is to be direct and short. That’s it, that’s all. Keep it brief. Keep the number of words down to a minimum. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Get to the point as quickly as you can. 

Example 1

Subject Line: 15 minutes to higher ROI


My name is [AGENT-NAME], and I am the [TITLE] of [AGENCY]. We work with organizations like [CLIENT1] and [CLIENT2] to hold FedEx and UPS accountable. 

We track all your shipments, identify those delivered late, and file claims on your behalf. You only pay when package tracking is credited to your account. 

What would be the best way to get 15 mins on your calendar to explore if this would be valuable to [COMPANY]?


Example 2

Subject Line: Digital Staff On-Call 24/7


I wanted to find out if you have any design needs at [COMPANY] (redesign, landing pages, UX, etc.)?

We can increase sales, engagement, conversions and more through our design and UX strategies. 

Interested? Email me back, I’d love to chat. 

Type 18:  B2B Sales

Theory: There isn’t any hidden meaning or underlying concept to this type other than it is a good example of writing a useful B2B sale message. When writing a B2B message, needless to say, it must encompass some level of professionalism and etiquette quite different than if you were writing to a consumer audience. The sales message and connotation must be powerful yet direct and much more poignant than a sales email that will end up in the trash. 

Subject Line: 10x [company]’s traction in 10 minutes

Example 1


I have an idea I can explain in 10 minutes that can help [company] get it’s next 100 best customers. 

I recently used this idea to help our client [RECENT PROJECT/PROSPECT’S COMPETITOR] almost triple their monthly run rate. 

[FIRST-NAME], let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can share this idea with you. What works best for you?


Type 19: Cold Selling

Theory: This email type represents the standard cold outreach template, similar to the general form earlier in this document. There isn’t any strategy or direction per se other than to introduce yourself and your company and relay the key message you are trying to communicate with the prospect. Keep this direct and not too long, and minimize the number of adjectives you use to ensure that it is not too generic on the one hand or sales related to the other. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Opportunities Abound


I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because [EXPLAIN HOW WE GOT THIS INFO AND HOW WE RELATE TO THEM: TALKED TO A COLLEAGUE, SAW YOUR COMPANY ONLINE, ETC.].

[AGENCY] has a new platform that will help (your team at) [COMPANY]. [ONE SENTENCE PITCH OF BENEFITS]. We do this by:

  • [BENEFIT/FEATURE3] (optional)

Let’s explore how [SERVICE/PRODUCT/SOFTWARE] can specifically help your business. Are you available for a quick call [TIME AND DATE]?


Type 20: Higher-up/Supervisor/Asked

Theory: This technique tends to work well based on perception vs. reality. When a salesperson mentions to a new prospect that they are reaching out because some in their organization who is higher up in rank has asked the salesperson to make contact, the prospect gets a boost of flattery and is more likely to respond and/or make time. The more you can make the prospect feel special and unique, the farther you will get. 

Example 1

Subject Line: My manager, [first/last], ask me to get in touch


My CSO, [FIRST/LAST]  asked that I reach out to you (see below).

Can you reach out to [FIRST/LAST] to schedule a meeting for me, please? He is the perfect person to speak with about [NAME OF PRODUCT], and I’d like to handle his account personally. 

For context, please tell him that [AGENCY] is the first corporate card specifically designed for companies like [COMPANY] - no personal guarantee, instant approvals, and 2%+ in cashback. 

Do you have a few minutes for a call this week or next so I can get back to my manager?

Thank you,

Type 21: Direct Contact (contrary to Direct Approach earlier in this document)

Theory: This technique is for when you have direct contact with an individual either because of your own efforts to confirm or through someone else. If referred by a mutual contact, be aware of the relationships and use kid gloves. It is always much easier to secure a meeting when a personal relationship is involved. You will be granted a professional courtesy due to the referral by someone this person knows. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Active follower of your work


I hope you don’t mind the direct contact, but I love [product name] (been a customer for several months), and I’m also a big fan of your blog. 

I work with companies like [CLIENT1] and make weekly videos for their blogs. Here is one that was published earlier this week on a client site. [LINK]

I just wanted to email you and see if [COMPANY] might be interested in a similar series. 

I made a demo for you based on the previous post by [LINK] to you show you what it might look like: [LINK]

Is this something you guys would be interested in?

Type 22: Reasons To Meet

Theory: This form provides the opportunity for a short bulleted list of key points. This is helpful so that you don’t have to write a long-winded email of 500 words but rather select the most important messages and present them in such a way that the most critical messages can be showcased at the top. This form also enables a variety of messages that would be most appealing to the audience and switch it up quite quickly when needed. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Long list of reasons why we should meet


Why you should meet with me:

  1. I’m the [TITLE] of [AGENCY]. I’ve been running this business for the past nine years. I started it when I was 24. I have 70 employees in Austin and operations in China. I love my business. It’s profitable, and I’m really good at it. However, I want to do more.
  2. I’m Jewish - I hate playing that card, but…
  3. This app idea is disruptive. It’s not in my wheelhouse (glass), but I know a good idea when I see one - I get about 3 presentations a week from stoners about their pipe ideas.
  4. I have a wireframe ready, so you can breeze through it quickly. 

Can you speak on Monday at 2:30?

Type 23: Site Review

Theory: This email form should be used when you can include a review of the prospect site in a concise and thoughtful manner. It wouldn’t be wise to use this format when you are only able to review a small portion of the target’s website as you won’t have a comprehensive overview. If you are going to out on a limb and potentially criticize another company’s website you best be prepared to comment on all relevant sections. Half measures availed nothing and will harm you more than helping you. It’s an all-or-nothing game here. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Would you mind some unsolicited site advice?


I noticed your [BLOG-LINK] isn’t currently mobile-optimized:

[[FIRST-NAME’s] SITE REVIEW LINK] (contains sound)


[SERVICE] is a plugin that actually mobile optimizes WordPress blogs to enhance your readers’ viewing experience on phones and tablets. When you have a few minutes would love to connect to get this taken care of for you. Alternatively, you can download the plugin [HERE-LINK].

Type 24: Typo in Article

Theory: This email form is meant to help the recipient know that you cared enough to let them know about it. It is not a malicious attempt to be condescending or insulting, so make sure you select choice words that are kind and useful rather than mean and cold. This gives you a chance to endear yourself to this person as a trusted confidante looking out for their best interest and saving them from a potentially embarrassing situation. Use soft language as you don’t know what might cause this person to become defensive or even indignant for your comments. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Typo in your article


Respect your reporting a great deal; I love the stories you put out. Crazy to think that more people are using mobile bs. Desktop now. Saw that you have a few spelling mistakes in your recent article; I wanted to follow up:

“The project. which was announced”

“The content will be used for The New York Times”

Looking forward to your next stories. What are you working on next?

Type 25: Informal Invite

Theory: Many times, we have background info and insight about the prospect, whether personal or professional. This info gives us a special opportunity to speak to the prospect in a way that meets with their personal interests. We get to use this insight about the person to our advantage as a means for endearing them to us. If we know they are football fans; we are not going to use baseball metaphors. If they are an avid skier, we will not reference a scuba holiday at the Great Barrier Reef. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Speaking Engagement Worth Your While


How the heck are ya? I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since I saw you speak about turning down a $200,000 job at Fisher Scientific to start a company with $20,000 in the bank and no income for 10 months… so badass.

Anyway, I wondered if you’d be interested in being a headline speaker at [CONFERENCE-LINK], an annual startup conference focused on non-technical startup founders. I’m not sure if you’re hiring at [COMPANY] and would like a recruiting booth at the event or just wanna spread the Marini gospel, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make speaking at [CONFERENCE] worth your time and easy for you to attend. 

I can give you a more in-depth run down if you’d like, but here’s the gist of it:

Example 2

Subject Line: Can I Pick Your Brain? 

Hey [FIRST-NAME] - thanks for your tweet about my Art of Manliness post mentioning you. I’m actually doing another piece for Art of Manliness about why people should share their failures, and I wanted to see if I could grab 5-7 mins of your time to talk (preferably via Skype) about your Facebook experience and what effect talking about it openly has had on others. 

The basic idea of the piece is that sharing your failures makes people more human and relatable. 

Let me know if you’re interested and we can set it up. 


PS: Here’s my quoting our [mutual friend Andrew Warning in Forbes]

PPS: Here is another Forbes piece I wrote featuring your buddy Ramit

PPPS: I love tacos too so I can’t be a bad guy

Example 3

Subject Line: Mesmerized by your success


I was bummed out when I noticed that you were also at [CONFERENCE-NAME]. I wish we had met there so we could talk about how you guys select bloodlines. Your success with genetics has been awe-inspiring. I run a blog that highlights exceptional breeders in [STATE], and I want to feature you guys. Would you be interested in a 30-minute interview via Skype or phone? Good luck with your booth at [CONFRERENCE-NAME] this year. 


Type 26: Share Resources

Theory: Reaching out to prospects by sharing resources focuses on using mutual experiences, expertise, and/or tools to assist a prospect on something they are working on to one day reciprocate with a similar give and take. This type is less about a hard sell and more about creating a partnership of sharing helpful tools and other beneficial exchanges. Naturally, it will start as a one-way effort to share from you with them, and eventually, they catch up by returning the favor. Out of this effort blooms an equally efficient This is definitely a process of building or a step ladder if you will. Over time the relationship will expand in depth and breadth. There are no demands or calls to action in this form. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Helpful guide, per your last post


Respect your writing a bunch. I’m an old acquaintance of [NAME], love your blog, and tend to check it every other day. Saw something you’d dig, wanted to pass it on… in relation to your post on webcams from [MONTH]:


I saw this little hacking guide/video on how to “actually look good on webcam” which was just published, figured you’d dig, wanted to shoot this over:

Curious to hear your thoughts about it, I thought they bring up pretty good points, no?

Example 2

Subject Line: Insights to contribute to your article


Saw on Twitter you’re writing an article about the extremes entrepreneurs go to bootstrap their startups. 

I’ve got a good one for you. I actually slept in my car while I ran around pitching investors. 

My gamble (and slightly less frequent showers!) paid off. I secured a $100K lifeline. Giving my company enough runway to takeoff. 

Happy to provide a few solid insights about how to decide if a big sacrifice like this is worth it. 

If interested, I can provide the rest of the details. 

Example 3

Subject Line: [FIRST-NAME], thought you’d find this interesting…


Your latest announcement this week about [INSERT NEWS] got me thinking. 

I found this article on [INSERT ARTICLE TITLE] that may be beneficial as you folks progress. 

Here’s the link to read it. [INSERT ARTICLE LINK]. 

Hope you find it helpful, 

Example 4

Subject Line: Title of the article


I was searching for some articles about growth hacking tools today and I came across this page on your blog: [LINK]

I noticed that you linked to one of my favorite articles [ARTICLE TITLE]. I reference this post a lot. 

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I published something similar. It’s like this [ARTICLE TITLE] but more thorough and up to date, mine is [ARTICLE TITLE]: [LINK]

I’d love to hear your feedback on it as your skim it. Also might be worth a mention on your page?

Either way, keep up the awesome work!

Type 27: Share Feedback

Theory: Similar to sharing resources in the previous type, sharing feedback follows the same principle. By sharing feedback, you engage the prospect in a mutual give and take where you contribute some helpful insight or information that aligns you to their interests as a valuable ally and resource. Sharing feedback of value to your prospect can make them indebted to you, whether literally or figuratively. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Loved your article about radical honesty - here are my results after a week


I’ve been following your blog for the past 3 years, so many great insights!

Your recent post about radical honesty really resonated with me. I followed it step by step, and I found it dramatically reduced my day-to-day stress levels. 

You can read my post about it here: [LINK]

If you’re so inclined, I’d love for you to share it with your audience. 

Thanks for sharing your can’t-find-anywhere-else tips with the community. 

Type 28: Promote New Book

Theory: the concept behind this type is to promote the prospect’s new book or event. This email will be short but yet informative, where you will explain what and how you intend to assist them. 

Example 1

Subject Line: Can I lend some promotional support? 


I just wanted to check in with you and see if there was any coordinated effort for promoting your new book. 

I read [BOOK NAME] and loved it, and I think the readers of my blog would really like [BOOK NAME].

So I was thinking of pre ordering a copy or two of your new book and having a little contest on my site to give them away. 

Measurement - What Works and What Doesn’t?

To know which emails are working, you need to measure your efforts. With email, there are various metrics to measure success, so you will need to determine which KPIs are most suitable for measuring your campaigns. Track metrics such as open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions to see which types of formats your prospects are responding to best. As these are cold emails, they are measured differently than an email marketing campaign, and certain metrics will play a greater role than others. Unsubscribe rate patterns can also help you better understand what content your audience is not so interested in.  The following suggests some of the commonly used KPIs for measuring drip campaigns. 

7 Drip Email Marketing Automation KPIs (Metrics to Track)

  • Value and cost of leads per drip campaign. …
  • Conversion rate over time. …
  • End-to-end conversion rate over time. …
  • Time to customer conversion. …
  • Contact generation over time. …
  • Contact’s engagement level. …
  • Unsubscription rate over time.

Drip campaigns have been known to generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads through steady communication with customers. Companies that excel at drip campaigns generate 80 percent more sales at 33 percent lower costs. Companies have seen a 20 percent increase in sales after using drip campaigns to nurture leads.

Final Thoughts: Other Consideration for Cold Emails:

  • Free trial emails can improve your drip email series’ performance
  • Offer Case Studies that are inspiring
  • Show your vulnerable side by being transparent
  • Personalization of emails is mandatory
  • A warm greetings to start off with
  • Test, test and then test again
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