Project info

Channelchek was created by Noble Financial Group to increase awareness for small and microcap public companies and provide investors with informational tools that were once only available to institutional investors. It’s free to explore the site.


Our Process

We started by understanding the client’s requirements and goals for the website, and then proceeded to create a detailed plan that covered everything from design to development, testing, and deployment.

We utilized our expertise in website development, coding languages, and software tools to build a customized website with seamless integration of multiple complex functionalities such as payment gateways, social media integrations, and third-party APIs.

Throughout the development process, we communicated regularly with the client to ensure that the website was meeting their expectations and that any issues were resolved promptly. We also conducted rigorous testing to ensure that the website functioned smoothly and was responsive across different devices and platforms.

By leveraging our technical expertise and adherence to a structured development process, our digital company was able to successfully design and develop a complicated website with a lot of integration that met the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

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