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Building a successful website is all about drafting a comprehensive plan and executing it. This means every nuance must be taken into account: from domain strength to the type of site that best suits your business’s needs. Mockups in this stage will determine design elements that contribute to the overall feel and efficiency of your site. We take a broad view, identifying each element in turn and then look at each one closely during the subsequent phases of the process.

A site must have a robust development process to produce the caliber of the website today’s online consumers are accustomed to. eCuras ensures this by going through our comprehensive development process. The identity of your business will determine the design elements and structure of your website, all tied together with written content that’s engaging and inviting.

Once your website is up and running, we want to put it on the map and make sure it stays there. Through whitehat SEO techniques, we ensure your audience is being targeted and led to engage with your site. Relevant keywords are laid out, on-page techniques analyzed and other areas are reviewed for SEO best practices. This stage is essential to help boost your site’s potential of being recognized on a wide scale.