Winguzone LLC

Safely stored data worldwide

Store It With Ease

Winguzone offers servers across multiple geographic locations where your data can be safely stored, replicated, and easily accessed.

This makes the assimilation of information all the easier and more accessible at your fingertips.

A Raptor for Data Management

They utilize the Apache Cassandra database, a revolutionary system designed for high scalability and is capable of working through thousands of processes per second.

Our design and development for Winguzone are centered on this powerhouse database, focusing on the strengths it provides and the benefits it can offer to potential clients.


Dumbing It Down

Sometimes talk of servers and big data can scare people, or worse, lull them into boredom. As the developers for Winguzone, we wanted to take away that stigma and show users how something as essential and as reliable as a protected server could not only be beneficial for them but understandable.

It's All in the Experience

This is evident in the UX of the site, which helps the users see the Cassandra system’s simple, quantifiable benefits, all in a visually appealing and functionally viable setting.

We utilized a custom WordPress development that allows for easy editing and additions by those at Winguzone in the future.

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