Social Assurity

Social media as a tool for personal promotion

A Tool for All Stages

Social Assurity dedicates itself to helping people and businesses expand their social influence through proven tactics. From prospective college students to full-fledged and well-established businesses, everyone uses social media as a tool to market themselves.

UI with Life

We developed a hand-crafted UI for Social Assurity’s website, one that matches its modern-approach and mission. It was designed to capture the viewer with a bright color palette and guide them from one point of interest naturally to the next.


From Bare-Bones to Meat and Bones

Beginning with first-phase mockups, we mapped the site’s layout and configuration, ensuring it matched the creative vision of those at Social Assurity.

We wanted a layout that would resonate with their audience, showing a level of professionalism that enticed clients to work with them while also showing an agile, new-age company with fresh ideas that were ready to adapt.

Then came HTML adaptation, which provides the meat and bones for how the site actually functions.

Straight to the Point

From branding to the end-result, our UI creates an experience for the user that is smooth and engaging. It’s not weighed down by unseemly call-outs or cheap graphics and design.

At all points, it helps the user understand the purpose of Social Assurity and why they should work with them.

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