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Strategic Top Line Advisory

Sidehill Group is a leading advisory firm for companies struggling to grow revenue, those challenged with bringing in new revenue, and others who have misaligned sales functions which, in turn, are undermining sales improvements and stagnating the growth trajectory. Sidehill has built a niche within the sales strategy segment due to its ability to identify and understand what precipitates sales shortfalls. They have leveraged their restructuring expertise to provide their clients with the most effective tools, strategic thinking, and structural requirements, faster and better than other firms. They put broken pieces of great companies back together towards maximizing growth within a fine-tuned organization where behavior is aligned with strategy and structure.

Companies that previously grappled with lackluster sales growth, diminishing returns, high turnover, and/or all of the above have climbed their way up the side of the hill and are on a new pathway to growth. Sidehill is an agent for change for companies who need to revamp their sales strategies to favor purpose-driven growth. They embrace change by working with companies to align the core vision with appropriate operations, training, and the staff to execute. From strategic positioning, organizational structuring, revenue goal-setting, and implementation of tools and resources to maximize returns, Sidehill works with companies to accept and thrive through change. It has proven results to show for it.

A View From the (hill) Top

Sidehill continues to grow its client base while simultaneously enhancing its advisory service offerings. With each new year, every new client, Sidehill demonstrates it has a business model that elicits sustainable and successful revenue growth from each client with whom they advise. Sidehill reached an inflection point in its own lifecycle. It was time to refresh the brand, enhance visibility with current and new target audiences, and take advantage of new digital marketing opportunities available to growing advisory firms. The leadership of Sidehill engaged eCuras to create an end-to-end strategic marketing and web development program that commenced with a new corporate identity, including a new logo and website by which to build a foundation for future growth.

The relationship incorporated a redefined marketing and communications strategy to complement the new user experience reflected in the new web design. eCuras performed a complete audit of all Sidehill’s existing materials, messaging, and digital marketing efforts and defined new SEO requirements and keywords in keeping with the new site verbiage while using images and icons to make the site pop in subtle yet powerful ways. eCuras also completed a strategic review of longer-term goals and opportunities. Sidehill received a completely revised wireframing and mapping of the CTA pathways to ensure each touchpoint efficiently maximized the user experience.


A Side Effect of Success

eCuras created a new, persuasive brand identity indicative of the sophisticated and noble culture that defines Sidehill. Bringing more joy into the world is a key underpinning to Sidehill’s business model and drives its efforts for clients each and every day. eCuras was charged with striking a balance between a warm foundation with a powerful strategic advisory firm that has moved mountains for its clients. The enhanced, custom WordPress site included animation and interactive effects while adapting the site’s design to a flexible codebase to ensure responsiveness.

Err on the Side of Excellence

Using its unique techniques and technical approach to the design and development process, eCuras created new mock-ups and graphics for the site homepage and internal pages allowing for an unlimited number of pages. The new marketing strategy for Sidehill called for extensive use of several channels, which required integration of social media and email subscription functionalities and blogging into the new site. As such, Sidehill’s vision required a clear graphical illustration that resonated well through the platform with a seamless flow through other disciplines. Quality Assurance was performed up to the highest standards and ensured a flawless launch.

On the Bright Side

Sidehill’s new brand and website launched to great fanfare, and social media and email marketing efforts are aggressively underway. The future looks bright for Sidehill and its relationship with eCuras with the addition of a blogging campaign, lead generation efforts, and enhanced SEO/SEM to improve search results. Sidehill’s already impressive performance metrics are on the road to continued growth.

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