Roc Recycling Company


A Sustainable Company for a Sustainable Future

Roc Recycling is an innovative new take on recycling solutions for the Rochester area.

They seek to make a dent in the green revolution, securing Rochester as a national leader in the future’s sustainable initiatives.

Their services are affordable and applicable, lowering recycling costs for businesses and keeping their work environments clean and safe.

The Look Says It All

Roc’s website needed to be homey, have an earthy, natural feel. We wanted people to know what industry they were in when they reached the homepage before reading the content.

To do this, our design features a brown and beige color palette, with plant-like elements dispersed throughout that complement the natural tones.

The background is a sepia color, like old well-worn paper, comforting yet professional in presentation.

Tightening the Funnel

The UI is simple, clean, and affords the user ample opportunity to read the content and interact with the site’s different facets. We constructed an interface that shows Roc’s mission, stated clearly on the homepage.

The user can then interact with the other sections like “About Us” and “Contact Us” at the click of a button and only moments after initially reaching the site.

This creates a better funnel, a more streamlined path that will increase engagement for Roc Recycling.

The Code Behind the Curtain

Behind the UI and design is a robustly formed and written HTML. We created this site from concept to code to the final result. Though the result is a polished, functional site, we worked tirelessly to adapt our knowledge of successful designs and code concepts to Roc Recycling’s vision of what they wanted in a website.

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