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PureSeal’s Mission

PureSeal improves the quality and safety of life’s most basic need: water. The company’s eco-friendly water conditioner prevents dangerous lead leaching, protecting the water supply from potentially harmful contaminants. It’s an especially crucial solution to an ongoing problem with the water supply in older homes and building pipe systems. PureSeal prides itself on providing a virtually failproof, premium long-term solution to an issue that affects public health and safety at every level.

1. Message 1. Message
2. Storytelling 2. Storytelling
3. Animation 3. Animation

1. Personalized Brand Messaging

To ensure the greatest impact on potential consumers, we paired our original animation with optimized content. We hired a professional voiceover artist to deliver PureSeal’s message and paired the voiceover with a soundtrack.

We work with every brand personally to ensure that their message is delivered in exactly the voice they desire. We also keep an open line of communication with our clients to understand their target audience from the inside out. This allows us to provide a turnkey solution to brands’ advertising needs, taking care of every part of the process from beginning to end.

2. Educating Consumers

PureSeal’s goal is to convey a highly technical concept to potential end-users with accuracy, clarity, and urgency. Our original animations help consumers grasp and visualize a complex idea efficiently and easily.

Meanwhile, the corresponding optimized content, delivered by professional voice talent, educates users about PureSeal’s vital importance with precision and warmth. The audience is left with a deeper understanding of the product and its potential significance without feeling like the topic was overly dry or technical.

We love to work with clients passionate about their products and services and their importance in the marketplace. As with PureSeal, we work with every client to ensure that audiences and potential consumers find your brand just as exciting as you do.

3. Frame-By-Frame Animation

We created a custom animated video for PureSeal from scratch, building it frame-by-frame for a completely ground-up approach to brand messaging. Our team developed, drafted, and drew every visual in the original video, in addition to editing the final product for concision and optimal impact. The sleek, streamlined, and colorful visuals help audiences from every background, technical or not, understand not only PureSeal’s function but its groundbreaking importance.

While not every brand requires content creation from the ground up, clients often like to know that that’s a possibility for future projects. We work with every client on a scalable basis, whether they’d like full-scale content creation or greater autonomy, with us polishing up the details to better target their audiences.

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