Omega Gadgets LLC


Insurance for Your Pocket Pal

Omega Gadgets is committed to keeping your device safe and sound. They make exceptional products that shield and protect phones and tablets from everyday wear and tear, not to mention the ever-present risk of human error.

All it takes is one slip, and your precious nine-hundred dollar investment is down the drain. Well, Omega Gadgets is committed to preventing that from ever happening.

Visually Centered

As with many of our other clients, our work with Omega was from the ground-up, developing all UI, UX, and overall design aspects. The visuals needed to be imposing and take up the majority of screen real-estate to display their products.

With minimal written content (most of which are stylistic elements or CTAs), we can really show off what Omega Gadgets is here to promote: the beauty and functionality of their products.

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A Cut Above the Rest

The branding was paramount for Omega because they broke into a market that naturally has many competitors. How many alternatives to Omega’s products exist?

This means we needed to identify specifically what made their products different. Highlighting design perks and functionality are all things that set them apart from the rest of the digital hardware market.

Done Right From the Start

A good website will highlight the strengths of the products and services it offers without compromising form. There are many good businesses that lack a well-implemented website, which only hurts their chances of landing new clients and retaining customers.

Our website for Omega perfectly matches their design aesthetic and professional endeavors because we created it from scratch. There’s no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to great websites, only great creators.

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