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Facing the Reading Crisis

Midgard Publishing is tackling America’s reading crisis head-on with a cast of creative, story-centered history textbooks. They see the problem of decreased reading rates among children and young adults as a failure of our education system and not the kids themselves. Textbooks such as American Hero recount American history’s integral parts by using storytelling as the driving force.


Inspiring Design

We reflected this creative and engaging form of teaching in every part of their website. The initial sweeping animation, including the Midgard logo and other graphics, were all designed and implemented by eCuras. They mirror the exciting nature of the site’s content and products but keep a clear focus on Midgard’s mission to educate through stories.

WooCommerce Ready

Of course, the purpose of all these design elements and graphical techniques is to lead to higher sales for Midgard. To close the gap between a visitor and converted sale, we integrated a full store using WooCommerce into the Midgard framework. This makes it ridiculously easy to purchase their textbooks, and we even included preview functionality for several of the books. In particular, we included a sample price banner for American Hero that anyone can see right from the “Shop” page.

18 pages

Built for the Brand

We built Midgard’s website with its particular brand-identity in mind. The dragon-Midgard logo is present on every page, and numerous backdrops resemble old-time maps and relevant graphics interspersed throughout the site. With every site eCuras creates, the focus is always to make the brand abundantly clear and increase sales through a strong brand identity. Midgard’s site is simply another example of how eCuras curates the web for each client we serve.

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