Build the Bridge

New businesses and competitors are being added to the market everyday and it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the market. MAMBA is an online resource that connects businesses and freelancers to each other

It provides businesses with the type of talent they want to hire. Motivated freelancers who specialize in all fields from social media and networking, to content writing and design

Smooth and Polished

Our development with MAMBA was a ground-up process. The site focuses on a smooth, streamlined feel when you scroll through it. It’s aesthetically-pleasing, it’s functional, it’s enticing to its users

All animations and graphics were done by our team and custom-tailored for MAMBA and the style of visuals they were looking for

Writing the HTML from scratch and then developing the site into Wordpress let us customize what we wanted and also gave MAMBA the ability to make changes through the Wordpress CMS once the site was finished

The Perfect Ratio

The genius of MAMBA’s site is the intersection of all the important material without it having a cluttered feel. They offer a multitude of services and we wanted to find a way to display these to the user without overwhelming them

By utilizing site real estate in an intuitive way, shaping the links and service pathways to mesh seamlessly, we created a site that grabs your attention, giving you all the important talking points, without suffocating you

Set the New Bar

The website we developed for MAMBA can now show their potential clients they’re serious about their work

By setting the example, we add validity to their abilities. Let’s face it, people only give a website a few seconds to really “wow” them

This gives us a small window to capture their attention and convey our mission. This was our goal and ultimately the realization of MAMBA’s website

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