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The Design of Your Creative Future

Enhancing our LAST template to meet the needs of the next generation of creative professionals, Bridget hones our commitment to cutting edge web design with a new marketing perspective to the next wave of online leaders and innovators.

Why Bridget

Creative professionals need to present their work online in order to thrive in today’s diversifying cultural ecosystem. Your website, should match the creative goals of your projects. From design, to overall functionality, Bridget is designed to help you customize your site to your unique vision. Your website can be exactly what you want it to be.


What Bridget Brings To You

Enhancing our LAST theme tools for the creative professional, our nuanced UX header and footer variations, blog and portfolio page variations, wealth of free Google fonts and Icon fonts add a streamlined, minimalist feel to your site. Bridget can be honed specifically to you and your project’s presentation. With its customizable interface, Bridget ensures your website is relevant and refined to your message, project, and portfolio.

The Message You’ll Send

LAST Bridget is suited for leading innovators and businesses who want to match confident presentation with practicality. Change how others perceive you, change your web influence with Bridget.

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Envato template

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