Cloud Hostor

They’ve Got Your Back

Anyone looking for a cloud hosting service should look no further than Cloud Hostor. The system boasts breakneck speeds and simple integration for the experienced and novice website owner.

Cloud Hostor enables you to focus on working with the more relevant parts of your site, the parts your users will interact with. Leave the backend stuff to Cloud Hostor.


We’ve Got the Rest

While Cloud Hostor has got your best interests at heart, we have theirs. We developed the website from code to clean final product.

All the graphics, designs, and layout features were made by our teams and implemented to match Cloud Hostor’s unique feel.

We conceptualized a minimalist design that would put the great features and services Cloud Hostor offers on full display.

Fresh and WordPressed

We performed a full and custom WordPress development. WordPress is the most common CMS and provides a great centralized hub for website owners to edit and add content to their site.

We took the initial reins, guiding their website into a realm of comprehensive UX that eases new users into the jargon of cloud hosting, and now they have the power to maintain the rest through WordPress.

By simplifying the experience, we allow potential clients to focus on Cloud Hostor and their message.


Come Take A Look

With our websites, the proof is in the pudding. Please take a few moments to peruse the site, feel the intuitive scrolling, see the relevant, clean design structure, see how it breathes with simplicity and beauty. It’s a bare-bones structure, but bare-bones doesn’t have to mean bare minimum.

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