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eCuras removes the barriers that block creative freedom in web development and instead takes a holistic approach to building cutting-edge digital platforms that lay the foundation for success.

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eCuras is a digital agency offering the full eCosystem of digital services for online success.

We build a digital presence for companies and create brand narratives that generate high-quality leads and new business opportunities. Using a client-centric approach, we emphasize masterful storytelling that enhances visibility and optimizes conversions.

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Website development process
This is how it's done


Projects start with an overview of the client’s vision. The design concept is explored, messaging, features and functionality defined, the target audience and competitive landscape analyzed, and SEO keyword researched. The phase concludes with the release of the timeline and discussion of future developments that will impact the foundation.
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Mock-up Design & Content Development

In Phase II brand identity, visual and interactive elements are defined while simultaneously content is developed. The design team creates mock-ups of the homepage and presents a variety of alternatives to allow the client freedom of choice. Once feedback is received, typography, the color palette, and the overall stylistic approach are confirmed.
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Mock-up Design & Content Development

Development, Coding & HTML

Our developers are experienced in C++ to PHP and everything in between. In Phase III, the Phase II mock-ups are coded for HTML, responsiveness is enhanced, cross-device enablement is optimized and site bounce minimized. This phase is essential to creating the sitemap and wireframe of each page which enables site navigation to be formatted.
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Development, Coding & HTML

Adopt to Custom WordPress

Upon completion of HTML coding, we turn to WordPress integration – which essentially means we create a custom WordPress theme of the site. Each client is given the ability to login to their backend and modify any language, images, and create new pages based on the custom templates that will be developed with the integration.
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Adopt to Custom WordPress


Our skilled QA is responsible for confirming the site runs smoothly. Compatibility tests are run on different devices, browsers, and content delivery systems. Following comprehensive testing, the site is soft-launched and code pushed live on a limited basis for responsiveness testing. Once all parties are comfortable, the final code is released.
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Ongoing Promotion and Site Maintenance

In addition to developing websites, we also promote them. Due to our expertise in producing digital identities, we bring a unique approach to digital marketing, its core functionality, what works, and what doesn’t. Under the guidance of our SEO director, we follow a team approach to ensure all the core marketing elements work together in tandem.
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Ongoing Promotion and Site Maintenance

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Types of Digital Interfaces, Platforms and Applications
Websites today have many variations, features, and functionality making it difficult to pinpoint which suits your needs. This is where a quality Digital Design firm like eCuras offers great value.

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Quality Assurance

​​Quality Assurance often gives us a final opportunity to review our work and confirm we have released our highest quality deliverable into the world. QA can poke holes in a product to confirm its functional synergies are in place at each step of the build process.

When done properly, QA requires all elements are interconnected and interdependent. Content can be built around SEO keywords, design graphics can be based on the content, and so on. The relationships become intertwined where one cannot operate without the other. This is why it's vital to ensure intent is met through each phase of the QA process. It would be implausible and unfair to think that a website, a digital product that lives on the information superhighway, would remain static for very long. We make sure our clients understand that amendments and modifications are part of the process and what they can expect in terms of their ability to alter their product once it’s launched.

Who we serve
eCuras has built its business around a process, a uniquely structured set of steps that ensure efficiency and efficacy in everything we do. From manufacturing to real estate, CPG to retail, this unusual approach to web design, development, and promotion has become a proven technique for realizing a client’s vision from conception through launch and beyond.
Mobile adaptiveness

​​We take pride in our work at eCuras. That means even after a project has passed the development phase, we continue working with you when you have questions and further development needs.

We are committed to being integral in the process of site development from scaffolding to the end-product because we understand that innovation requires constant attention to detail.

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