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From websites to engaging content, eCuras knows the value of preparation, following a plan, and selecting the best of resources and tools by which to apply to your project from the very start. We scrutinize every aspect of your project and make sure we are employing and deploying just the right instruments, software, skill sets, and techniques to effectively exceed your expectations.

​​Recipe for Success

Our in-depth process starts with a one-on-one overview of our vision for the client's website. We take the time to sit down with the client and review their goals, aspirations, inspirations, and vision. Once we understand what the complete project specs look like, we can then provide a projected timeframe. Trying to project a timeline earlier than this is an effort in futility and wastes the client's time and ours. Next, we analyze the techniques and strategies of the competition. Identifying key features and tactics that are working for other businesses is vital in ensuring a website gets the most successful possible start. We draw inspiration from others’ web content, design structure, and more to understand what is attractive and/or appealing to users who buy from these companies to ensure versatility. In this phase, our content developers kick into gear and commence their efforts to optimize the site. Our content team is highly skilled in current best practices and works closely with the SEO team to ensure that keywords and phrases are optimized, exact counts and locations of each keyword are outlined, title tags, metatags, and headlines are all determined with ongoing oversight and continued review and evaluation based on search engine results. Adaptable in Every Circumstance

Making a site versatile across multiple platforms is expected and a natural phase of UI and UX. A cross-device enablement is no longer an option but rather a requirement. We include various design elements to give site visitors streamlined pathways to CTAs, which are often set up in the development process. Our sites are designed with all-around UX in mind, taking into account front-end elements like graphics to back-end development tactics that simplify the UI.

After you confirm the mockups, the internal pages are passed on to the development team for adaptation into HTML. At this stage in this process, the site is configured for responsiveness to maximize user experience. After you confirm the HTML version of the website, we will create a custom theme, typically WordPress, based on the HTML version, including custom taxonomies and other elements that will allow you to control the content from the backend without going into the nuts and bolts of coding.

​​Our Recipe for Success
​​​​Adaptable in Every Circumstance

​​Customized from the First Letter

After pinpointing specific design elements, the design team will create mockups and wireframe elements to easily display the proposed look and feel of your website. Then comes additional design elements with more specificity. Graphical elements, logos, mockups of the pages, animations, photograph images are all made in this phase of development and can be adjusted based upon your needs and tastes. The design mockups are only completed when they meet your standards, and you are delighted.

By doing this early on with your approval, we ensure the site's basic structure matches what you’re looking for. Though it may seem basic, the mockups help us move forward with every step of the process. It’s an age-old adage, but it rings true: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Like Working with Family, Only Less Annoying

You have a lot of choices regarding who you work with for your site development, but here are the things that set eCuras apart. We truly care. We care because we were in the same position and went through the same building process. Our teams are here to make that whole process so much easier. We have the most talented people who dedicate themselves to getting the job done right, from design and copywriting to development and marketing.

Most importantly, our relationship doesn’t end with the creation of your site. We’re always here when you need us, whether it’s for a simple question or a total overhaul. We know you want to work with the best, and we want to work with you too.

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