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​​Creating Trust

The best marketing focuses on human concepts. It tells stories, and it captures the attention of your target users through engaging design and copy. Your marketing should convey a clear message that shows the viewer who you are and what you stand for.

The marketing team at eCuras focuses on multiple facets to make aggressive marketing plans unique to the businesses we work with. We structure a plan that identifies the pathways needed to reach your target end-users through a comprehensive marketing strategy. This includes social media marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing strategies like email blasts, SEO, and SEM.

Our marketing strategy is a human-centered model that connects people with the brands they love. Namely, through our marketing techniques, we’ll connect you to the people looking for what you offer. This is done through data-driven models, personalizing the experience for customers and businesses alike. Large-scale ads will surely garner some degree of engagement, but relying on them as a sole source is unwise. Today’s digital landscape requires more of us. We connect you to your audience based on genuine connection, tailored through data and realized through modern technology.

Creating Trust

Find Your Niche, Find Your Voice

Search engine optimization really allows us to listen to the voice of the target audience. Every aspect of marketing should be about building a bridge between the business and the customer’s heart, and SEO is no different.

Find Your Niche, Find Your VoiceFind Your Niche, Find Your Voice
What’s the Sitch on Search Engines?

​​What’s the Sitch on Search Engines?

Search engines display results based upon relevancy. This creates competition between websites, all vying for the top spots in search rankings to receive the widest engagement with potential clients. Search engine optimization allows us to develop content with relevant keywords, phrases, meta descriptions, titles, and subtitles that can naturally increase your rankings on search engines. The point of this is to increase organic exposure while also enticing other sites to link to your own. This two-pronged effect of rankings and link networks will garner more traffic to your site that you can then guide to other parts and hopefully convert into paying customers. How do we make this happen?

Our strategy comprises a few simple steps. We start with a technical review of your site, which identifies what content is already optimized and what specific steps we need to take following that to optimize the site fully. This includes parameters like website copy, inbound links, Google analytics, and social media accounts. If any of these areas are lacking, we make sure to remedy them. We look at simple, time-proven measures of success. Are the keywords across your pages consistent with the section they’re in, and are they commercially relevant? Are people using those keywords when they search? These are only a few examples, but you can start to get an idea of our methods. Evaluate and improve. We identify what tactics will be most effective, and then we implement them.

Rethink Organic Exposure

We keep things above board and completely transparent as a matter of practice. We have built a culture that supports whitehat techniques ensuring lasting growth rewarded with higher search engine rankings. As we were getting started in 2012, Google launched its Penguin update, an algorithm designed to penalize blackhat SEOs practitioners who artificially boosted their rankings by posting links to their own site via comments on other websites using automated systems. Penguin's introduction eliminated many of the practitioners engaged in such ambiguous strategies, ultimately leveling the playing field for those who are working towards transparency and fair play.

At eCuras, we focus on whitehat techniques that create long-lasting, favorable, and real search engine results. While seemingly enticing to start, blackhat techniques are used as a crutch for a short-term rank boost that is less than stable and produces little, if any, converting traffic. Nothing worthwhile comes from any effort that does not include honest, organic engagement. Simply put, blackhat techniques are nothing more than phony methods that create little support for the lasting and engaging traffic you intend to generate.

​​​​Socially Sustainable Connections

The Penguin update resulted in far greater benefits than just eliminating those practicing the form of smoke and mirrors SEO. As a result of the update, today, only high-quality sites receive the attention they have earned and deserve. The reward comes in the form of a higher rank on Google based on real qualitative metrics, including higher site standards and your pages' relevance. The very things that eCuras has developed its SEO practice around. The Penguin update also affected the indexing of social media account on the search engine results page, making it vital that you have a strong social medial arsenal in place in addition to optimizing your website.

There are few mediums, if any, that have had as monumental effect on society as the inception of social media. Without question, social media has had the greatest impact on marketing strategies in the last decade than any other development known to man. However, pinpointing the most effective methods for engaging on social media and by which assets, tactics or objectives are optimal for your respective business are not always as easy to identify. How do you have genuine conversations with people while staying focused and engaged on your mission? The answer lies in the overriding goal of social media itself: to establish real, emotional connections with like-minded individuals, brands, products, companies, charities, or groups. The meanings differ by an individual; the intention and application are the same. eCuras will take you through this journey and help you reach decisions and practical applications customized for your business model. This is what we do. We don't look up or down; we walk side-by-side with you through the entire marketing lifecycle. It's a journey, not a destination.

Identifying your target persona, connecting with them, starting conversations, and then engaging on an informal level is exactly what makes social media so powerful. It also happens to be an efficient medium for reaching individuals with your brand presence. Through one-to-one, sincere conversations, you will receive a much better understanding of your customer's needs and wants. There is no greater brand advocate than a customer who felt you heard them speak. This opportunity alone is enough to incentivize these individuals to become your greatest storytellers and continue to engage and refer your brand to their extended networks. Humans crave connection and community. When you invite your users into your brand universe personally and make them feel part of something bigger, you'll be astounded by the result and their willingness to become a brand ambassador without you even having to ask.

​​Socially Sustainable

The Content Behind the Curtain

At the center of these techniques lies content marketing, which breathes life into all the others. Great content is still what changes hearts and minds, what draws people to a brand. It’s the turn of phrase, the perfectly crafted sentence that conveys exactly what someone feels or needs that crosses the divide between “Should I?” and “I’m going to.”

The Content Behind the Curtain
Humanity is at the Heart of Success

​​Humanity is at the Heart of Success

Content marketing is how you get people to act, and marketing that doesn’t lead to action is marketing that isn’t doing its job. When all is said and done, we write content for people, not algorithms. The intersectionality of SEO content that will rank highly and connect with its readers is the balance we seek. Social media offers a great opportunity in that it allows us to easily find people where they spend a vast majority of their time while also using this medium to link back to your website, enhancing your SEO. The more channels we have open, the higher your chance of being discovered.

Successful content is adapted when needed but consistent on a fundamental level. Your content needs a particular voice that your audience can identify with and recognize. This consistency will lead people to equate the same thing about your business: you're consistent and reliable. It’s not necessarily what your content says that makes a difference, but it’s what’s written between the lines that people pick up on the most. Those indicators will lead people to work with you, whether they know it or not. We’ve helped countless clients with marketing strategies who have seen real success through our techniques. When you’re ready to start this process with us, we’re only a phone call away.

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