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Building Trust

Developing a site that is responsive and fully functional can be endlessly technical, even though it’s crucial in today’s digital environment. How your site looks will draw people in, but if they quickly come to learn that using your site is needlessly difficult, you’ll lose valuable return traffic. Developing a site with user experience in mind and simple functionality should be a top priority.The best developers take the necessary time to test, modify and retest certain development layouts to ensure your site’s functionality works for your business model and your target end-users.

Though developers work more behind the scenes, focusing on back-end functionality, their work is totally dependent on approved mockups by you. Once they receive the go-ahead, it’s their job to fully adapt it to your vision. You have a vision of what you want for your website and the developer has the expertise. In this way you both complement each other. When we’re both on the same page, our developers can create a site that is more relevant for our clients and better suited for your audience.

Building Trust

The Process

Developing a site from the ground-up is a comprehensive process. Our developers use proven tactics to ensure we create consistent results through a dedicated plan that’s easily understandable. We start with strategy development and layout of the site’s interface. We want you to get an idea of how the site will be structured, what the pages will look like, how they are classified and stratified early on so we capture your vision for the end result. It’s the small details we identify in this early phase that affect what the site will later become. By building a strong concept in the beginning, we can flush out short-lived ideas and identify the long-term elements. Your input is valued especially at this stage to make sure your site’s development starts off with the right trajectory.

Built for Versatility

Built for Versatility

Making a site versatile across multiple platforms is expected and a natural phase of UI and UX. A well-developed site shows in how it responds on desktops and mobile devices alike. There are design elements we include to give customers streamlined pathways to CTAs and these are often set up in the development process. Our sites are designed with all-around UX in mind, taking into account front-end elements like graphics, to back-end development tactics that simplify the UI. These are all shown in mockups and approved by you.

After you confirm the mockups, the pages are adapted to HTML which then allows you to view the live version of the site and interact with it on different devices. At this stage in this process, the site is configured for responsiveness to maximize user experience. After you confirm the HTML version of the website, we will create a custom theme based on the HTML version which will include custom taxonomies, and other elements which will allow you to control the content from the backend without going into the nuts and bolts of coding.

Always Up to Standard

Quality assurance is important at every phase of each stage. It’s our way of taking a holistic view of the whole site, making sure everything is up to standard, and matches your unique vision. Last minute details like SEO content and web hosting are finalized at the end. From this point on, your site is officially live!

The development process shouldn’t stop once the site is up-and-running. We understand that problems may arise or you may realize you’d like something changed. That’s normal and we’re here to accommodate.

eCuras as Your Developer

We take pride in our work at eCuras. That means even after a project has passed the development phase, we continue working with you when you have questions and further development needs. We are committed to being integral in the process of site development from scaffolding to the end-product because we understand that innovation requires constant attention to detail.

We strive to make every phase of the process and simple and painless for you as possible. We’re critical thinkers and problem-solvers who won’t bug you with every roadblock that arises. We will, however, always keep you updated on important items that pertain to your vision and the effectiveness of your site.

​​No Task is too Small, No Project too Large

Whether it’s a simple development or it’s a mammoth of a project requiring a range in expertise, our developers are up for the task. Challenge is something we welcome at eCuras, and with our combined years of experience in this field, we innovate and problem-solve wherever it is needed. Whether you’re ready to start this process today, or you're still thinking about it doesn’t matter. We still want to help. Contact us today and we can go over what this process will look like for you and your business!

No Task is too Small, No Project too Large
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