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​​​​Design that Inspires

Design breathes necessary life into any website or app. It’s the first thing that will hook your viewers, and more importantly, it’s the first impression they receive of your business. A clean, crisp design is expected in today’s competitive landscape, and anything considered subpar is dismissed right off the bat.

eCuras provides top-tier design elements for websites, web apps, digital product design as well as branding and identity for up-and-coming startups. Whether you’re looking for an appealing layout for your local business’s website, the UI for a new app you’ve developed, or a new digital product you’re releasing, impeccable design is essential. And good design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s functional. It helps the customer relate what they see to the experience they’ll have with your brand.

Don’t let potential customers count you out before they know what you’re about! User interface and design aren’t something that should be left to chance. You want to make sure everything about your site is meticulously laid out and takes user experience into full account.

​​Design that Inspires

Curated Design Elements

Design elements that meet your standards and aesthetic needs are important, but we’ll also make sure to curate those elements for your clients. It’s an essential two-pronged approach that we take to ensure you’re happy with how your site (or app) looks, but it’s also appealing and functional for your customers.

Curated Design ElementsCurated Design Elements
Our Process

​​Our Process

As with any project, a comprehensive plan is essential for success. You need a vision of where you want to go, or in this case, what you want something to look like before you can get there. We start with strategy development, identifying the key factors that will make your design elements successful and then analyzing the competition to see what’s working for them.

The next step is to wireframe the site’s layout, identifying what key information your clients will see first and which CTA pathways will lead to the highest conversion rate. This is where you gain a more intimate view of what the site will look like and how your clientele will interact with it. Other design elements such as your logo, stock photos, the color palette, and typography will be determined after the wireframing process.

Certain graphics and other last-minute elements will be determined once the structure, the essential meat, and bones of the design are decided. This process enables a creative direction that will be unique to your site's needs while also keeping the different phases of development separate for ease of use.

Good Design Speaks so You Don’t Have To

Consultancy and communication with you through every phase of the design process are key. Design is an indelible part of your brand identity and it needs to reflect your values to your customers. That’s why we include you in the decision-making process, presenting you with mockups and potential design elements to get a feel of what you want.

When all is said and done, the design is a communication tool. It can help promote your brand, spread your message, and reach like-minded individuals who will contribute to your success. At eCuras, we create lively, passionate design elements that speak volumes when a visitor comes across your site.

​​Working With Us

At eCuras, we ensure a detailed process of development from start to finish. As important as design is, who you work with to get it done is just as important. We want to bring consultancy and close relationships back to the world of web development. We’ll work with you through every step of this process, running every decision we make by you to make sure you’re satisfied with the end-product.

Working With Us
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