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Getting Started

In what industry sectors do you specialize? How will I know if you have experience in my sector?

We specialize in a technique, a process for building websites that is industry and brand agnostic. Other than a few highly scientific and/or rare technical complexities, our expertise lies in our ability to take a client from vision to reality. We work closely with clients through each step of the process to fully grasp the visual message from conception through launch. Our expertise lies in the details of the process regardless of the industry, brand or product line. We have worked with clients in highly specialized niche sectors to broad-based CPG brands, and all are given the same expert care.

How long does it take to build my website from start to end? If I started today when would my site be live?

Each site is different and depending on the requirements, timelines will vary. Before we start, you receive a detailed outline of each step and how many hours are necessary to complete the build. Each site is customized by client requirements, functionality, goals and essential mission. Exactly how many hours are spent depends on these elements plus the number of pages, codebase, responsiveness, if a payment processor and commerce capabilities are needed as well as any other technical integrations. While the technique is the same, each client is unique so we invest in the comprehensive project requirements early on to ensure the build process is seamless and efficient. Once we complete the initial consultation we can provide a projected timeline.

Do you only use WordPress? What if my site is built on Wix or Squarespace or another platform?

Although WordPress is our core specialty, our developers and engineers are trained on multiple platforms, code language and continue to stay abreast of changes and updates to factors that impact website renditions.

What happens to my site if we end the relationship after a year? Do you retain access to my site? How am I protected?

As a client, you will receive a complete set of all deliverables once the project is completed. The final text, mock-ups, designs in editable form, HTML files, customized word press themes, and any deliverable we create on your behalf is yours as soon as it’s completed.  We do not believe in holding clients’ businesses hostage.

Do you have client references that I can speak to first?

Absolutely, it would be our pleasure. We pride ourselves on our happy clients, it reflects on the passion we put into our work.

Can I use eCuras for digital marketing services if you don’t build my site? Will you need to change my website for SEO purposes or to add new marketing content?

Clients may hire us for any services they wish. There is no requirement or relationship between web development and/or any other service. You may use us for one function or many, it is up to you. However, when it comes to digital marketing, it’s most effective when all marketing disciplines are aligned.

Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen, why/how are you different? Don’t you all offer the same services?

The service may appear the same in name but the difference lies in the process, customization, and quality of work. We deploy a unique approach to web design and online marketing, one that emphasizes user-centricity in UI/UX, strategic applications of the latest techniques and technologies to ensure all of your marketing efforts effectively communicate your unique brand story. We use an iterative, agile process to ensure that your comprehensive web presence, from start to end, combines to present a cohesive brand strategy that illustrates the uniqueness of your business. Our typical ratio is 8:1, (8 team members to each 1 client). We have flipped the digital marketing world on its head by creating an agency focused entirely on quality. As a result, we work with fewer clients on a far more exclusive basis driving a greater quantity of results

What do I need to provide for you to build my site? What will be expected of me as the client? How much of my time will this require?

Our job is to manage the process so you can focus on running your business. We act as an extension of your team. We include you in every part of the process so any questions and/or feedback is caught early on. All we need is a clear view of your vision and your attention when it comes time for approval so we remain on schedule. If you don’t approve a mock-up on time it could delay the process. However, we remain flexible and can move our deadlines to accommodate your schedule.

I already have a live website, can I still work with you? If I just want to redesign my existing site and add a few pages how long will it take to complete?

We have no requirements, restrictions or limitations as to who we work with and where they are in the development process. Whether you are starting from scratch or are looking to refresh your existing brand, the process is the same. We respect all projects regardless of size, scale or scope. The time to complete your redesign will depend on the extent of functionality of the new pages, design, illustration or imaging required and a host of other factors. Following the initial consultation, we will be able to provide a more accurate timeline for completion.

How frequently can I update my website?

Simple content changes can be made as often as you wish – creating new layouts or redesigning of visual elements will be quoted on a project-by-project basis. Upon completing an initial assessment, we’ll be able to provide a scope of work estimate.

What other services do you offer other than web design and development? Can you help me with digital marketing? Content development strategy?

In addition to web design, development and hosting, we provide a full suite of digital marketing services. As a global digital marketing firm, we offer the full spectrum of services and disciplines involved growing and managing your online presence.  The website is at the core of your digital marketing effort. It is the foundation. Our work starts here. Using our leading designers, developers, search, strategy and content teams, we position your brand for success from the start. We ensure your site is built with the features and functionalities required to support future digital marketing efforts including proper SEO principles, keyword and content strategies, design elements suitable for social sharing and much more. In addition, we are also experts in driving qualified traffic that converts to leads. We employ a variety of lead generation models and will customize a funnel strategy that has a high propensity to increase revenue, enhance conversions and deliver a high ROI.  We also have specialists in lead generation and online marketing for B2B and B2C, experts who understand the subtleties of creating campaigns targeted to widely different personas and targeting audiences that have vastly different requirements.

Where are you located? Where is your staff based? Will I have to speak to a call center in Asia? How can I get started?

eCuras is headquartered in New Jersey with staff based around the world. We are a remote organization as we find that running a 24/7 business is much more effective when our staff can access what they need at any moment of the day. We only hire people that are fully committed to the eCuras mission and are willing to go to any length to serve our clients. We don’t care where our staff is based as long as they are the best in their respective field.

When should I expect to see a positive ROI? How long will it take until my site is on page one of Google or Bing search engines?

We prefer not to speculate prior to launch as we have nothing to base an accurate or calculated judgment on. Once we start our work, typically within 60 days our team can provide an estimate of when you should expect to start seeing rank results from our collective efforts.

Sales Questions

Can I transfer my hosting to you from my current provider? And what is the associated cost?

Yes, we offer web hosting services at reasonable fees, we don’t mark-up for hosting.

Where can I find your pricing information?

What makes eCuras special is highly customized processes and personalization. No two clients, websites, projects are the same. Each and every client is entirely different. However, prior to commencing any work, we establish a flat estimate based on a set hourly rate so you can see exactly how many hours we will spend on each element within the process. We don’t arbitrarily add unnecessary features or functions to rack up extra fees, we don’t overbill. Unless there is a change in the project scope such as the addition of new pages, design modifications, large adjustments to the original proposal, the price will be exactly the same as the initial quote. The price only changes if the order changes.

Process Questions

Will I be able to see/approve the design and content before the site is completed?

We require clients to approve and sign-off on each step of the build process prior to our progress to the following stage. This is your website and we work on your behalf. You call the shots, we just guide you through the most effective process and provide the technical capabilities expertise. It is our job to make your vision a reality with digital storytelling mechanisms.

What if I don’t like the design you create for my brand?

You will have the opportunity to review all designs early on in the process and have complete editorial and design freedom to provide as much or as little feedback, thoughts or ideas you feel are needed to achieve your intended vision. We are flexible with revision requests, particularly early in the process as our goal is to ensure that we are creating a digital version of your story.

What if we have our own specialists/staff internally, can you work with them or do we have to use your team? Designers? Developers? Engineers? Content?

We work in tandem with clients as partners. There are no requirements or rules. What’s good for one is good for both. Our staff has worked with people from all over the world in a wide variety of capacities. If you prefer your designers to create the look and feel, we will provide the technical specifications. Alternatively, if you prefer to use our designers and your own developers, we will provide whatever your team requests. We don’t place limitations or restrictions on our clients. Our only goal is that the best product is created in whatever way that occurs.  Our business is based on a foundation of freedom of spirit and customization for each project.

Do you outsource any work to other agencies or freelancers?

Never. We do not even test processes or services with professionals outside our organization. All of our work is performed by employees or contractors of eCuras, we never experiment with client projects. We test our methods with internal resources and projects only.

What challenges should I expect during this process?

We do not jeopardize our client’s projects or deadlines under any circumstance. Our global staff allows us to create redundancies and back-up contingency plans that are triggered automatically should certain situations or circumstances occur. Technical issues are always prioritized with the highest urgency. Life happens, things change, but our experience has taught us well about establishing alternatives and creating technical and human resource redundancies where necessary. We are realistic that people fall ill or move on to new opportunities but we plan well for these types of situations. We believe in complete and absolute transparency with our clients. We aspire to provide a level of confidence in our abilities by being forthright and to keep you updated on any delays affecting the project. We have never had a client complain to the contrary. That being said, we are thorough and calculated about preparing for the unknown. Historically, the only real challenge we have experienced relates to delays in receiving the appropriate feedback within the required timeline from the client. It is important that everyone involved in the project from your side and ours respect the deadlines and deliverables or it impacts the greater team at large.

Can you add e-commerce/checkout/payment processing functionality to my existing site?

Yes, our team includes several developers who are trained in the full suite of functional elements of building e-commerce sites, animation, and other highly specialized features and sophisticated web design tools. We make it a point to recruit team members with the most desirable skills and who are leaders in their respective crafts. We do not put limitations on countries, language or education, we find and hire only the best the world has to offer.

Who will manage my account? Will I have different account managers if I retain you for multiple services? Will my account manager be domestic or internationally based?

Each client is assigned a domestic account manager. We create client service teams that include UI/UX designers, animators, illustrators, content strategists, SEO experts, hosting and programmatic managers and more so that each client has a comprehensive team of only leading experts in each discipline but your primary, day-to-day contact will be someone closer to home and will coordinate with the other team members on your behalf.