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We are your digital ally, creating powerful digital platforms – websites- visual narratives and ensuring your online prominence.

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We build a digital presence for companies of all shapes and sizes and promote their products and services of a wide variety. We specialize in creating brand personas and developing narratives that generate high-quality leads and new business opportunities. Our sweet spot hones a unique strategy for each client, combining the latest techniques with cutting-edge technologies to enhance our client's brand, ultimately translating these efforts into higher conversion potential and revenue productivity. Using our client-centric approach, which emphasizes masterful story-telling and beautiful design, we create a win-win-win scenario for internet success. We act as a digital extension of your team, handling your online efforts while you focus on running your business.
What Distinguishes Us
It’s All in the Experience
It’s All in the Experience

People remember less what you say and more about how you made them feel. That is what we are after. Experiences have meaning, they manifest an emotional response, like having butterflies in your stomach. We create digital experiences for our clients, their users, and the digital economy that encourage an emotional response each time someone interacts with our client’s brand. This is what places the brand stamp on the consciousness of the user which will generate positive recall the next time the user sees the brand. 

Expect to Not Expect
Expect to Not Expect

We believe in openness and radical transparency. You’ll know how every phase of development is going on a detailed level, because we maintain constant contact, keeping you in the loop. Not to mention, we perform our best work when our clients are involved and vocal about their vision for the project. From large-scale structuring to last-minute graphical elements, your input is valued and we’ll ensure your needs are met. Clients are eCstatic when their expectations are far surpassed.

eCurated Craftsmanship
eCurated Craftsmanship

We know you have choices when selecting a digital agency. the number of options can appear paralyzing. As our name defines, our goal is to provide care in building your digital presence, growing your opportunities within the digital economy, and making sure you fall in love with your final product.t. When it comes down to it, we’re here to make a difference, just like you. We could eCho lots of rhetoric with the reason why you should select us but we believe our work speaks for itself. So we let it.


Clutch Names eCuras LLC a Top Developer in New Jersey!


eCuras redesigned a website. They added an e-commerce component and several informative pages. Their work is ongoing with spearheading a LinkedIn lead generation campaign and SEO efforts.

The new website was received well and contributed to increased site traffic. The team is responsive, communicative, and supportive. eCuras is always prompt in making any necessary adjustments.

Laura Boccanfuso
CEO, Van Robotics
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 No one holds us to higher quality standards then we do ourselves.  We strive for perfection in every aspect of our work but accept 99% because we are human. We take the concept of quality to another level, assigning up to 8 team members to 1 client, flipping the quantity vs. quality metric on its head.


Aesthetically pleasing, user appreciated, and highly esteemed, your website functionality is our chief priority.  Our goal is to create features and function so that users feel as though they have entered a living, breathing experience, not dissimilar to an amusement park or museum.


Our purpose is the same today as it was when the agency started in 2012, we strive to help businesses that we truly believe in and that make a difference. The work we create for clients is just as much ours as it is theirs whether our names are on it or name.


The bottom line is that we ensure your website contributes to  your bottom line. Every decision is measured against the efficiency and effectiveness of the resources spent as well as the opportunity cost of investing in said decision vs other potential options or tactical elements.


When it comes to web design and development and digital marketing, it’s not about re-inventing the wheel. Our goal is to take proven methods and adapt them to your specific needs — maximize your visibility, opportunity and exposure in an effort to effect the best results possible.


Part of our proprietary technique includes simplicity in everything we do. We are not here to burden you and add more to your already full plate. Our job is to remove tactical elements from you and to carry them out on your behalf in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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